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Terms & Conditions


www.maskmill.com service is offered and managed by Estonian company Future Image OÜ, address Pärnamäe tee 28-5, 10194 Tallinn, registration number 0966732 (hereinafter referred to "maskmill" or "maskmill.com"). Any natural or legal person visiting, surfing, creating account or placing order on this website agrees with these terms and conditions and will be hereinafter referred as "user" or "client".

Maskmill reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, provided that the changes are announced on www.maskmill.com website or such information is sent to the user by email.

Your personal information, such as your email address, will not be given to or used by any person outside the services of maskmill. You can adjust your mailing list settings through the "User Accounts" menu.


Maskmill will provide image editing services (like clipping paths and alpha masks etc.) for the prices and delivery times as described on www.maskmill.com. Maskmill will guarantee the delivery in selected time frame when accepting user's order in production. If the delivery time can not be guaranteed, maskmill will inform the user about it before accepting user's order in to production. User is always allowed to cancel orders before they are transferred to production.

If the delivery is late more than 25% (Express 1h, Normal 6h), user can request a compensation of max 50% by email to maskmill. If the delivery is late more than 50% (Express 2h, Normal 12h), user can request a 100% compensation by email to maskmill. Compensation request must be done no later than 20 hours after the order has been delivered.

Order is considered to be accpeted by maskmill, when the order status is set to "In production" status. Order is considered to be delivered by maskmill by the timestamp in "Finished" orders table.


Legal persons may apply for maskmill credit and pay the orders against invoice, with 14 days netto payment term. Natural persons and other users without maskmill credit, can pay orders with credit card.

When user accepts maskmill's price offer or sends orders without asking for the price offer, the order sum will be reserved from user's payment card immediately. The reserved sum will only be charged 24 hours after the finished order has been delivered by maskmill.

If user wishes to save the payment card details for future use, the data is stored by PCI compliant payment gateway provider and never directly to maskmill databases.


Refunds will be granted only if original orders are delivered late according to the "Services" section above.

Maskmill.com liability

If any corrections for the finished orders or files are needed, maskmill will perform them as separate Express projects, always free of charge.

Maskmill is not responsible for direct or indirect damage caused to the user or third parties by using the service.

Maskmill does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the service and is not responsible for damages resulting from errors, interruptions, delays, loss or omissions in data transmission, computers or software.

Maskmill is also not responsible for the so called Force Majeure or similar cases causing damage to client using the service.

In all cases of liability maskmill.com’s compensation limit is at maximum the value of disputed client order.

Maskmill is not responsible for any network interference or some other interference or unauthorized usage of the network.

Maskmill has the right to not accept user’s order/s if there is a reason to suspect that the service might be used against good manners or for any illegal activities.

User´s liability

User is responsible for keeping user details accurate and agrees to maintain its login information in a way that it is not accessible to third party.

User is responsible for the data traffic made with his / hers login details and as well for making backup of the material uploaded to the service.


Disputes arising from the interpretation or fulfillment of the agreement shall be solved through reasonable negotiation between parties or if not possible, parties have a right to turn to Estonian court.

If you have any questions about our terms & conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us !