Creating a new order
1. Click the orders link and log on to the service
2. Choose the Express delivery (4 hours) or Normal delivery (24 hours) and name your order
3. Upload the files
4. Having done that, you may give us further information and instructions about the project
5. Accept the order for a price quotation or for immediate production
Uploading images
Uploading files is easy and quick. You can use the html upload component or separate ftp transfer to send your files.

HTML - upload

Add all files to the upload component and and start the upload. Please note that there is a 2 GB total batch limit! You can monitor the process in the component window and also use your computer for other purposes while the files are transferred on the background.

FTP - transfer

Your ftp log-in details are stored on "User Accounts" page ( ). Files transferred to ftp will be shown on "Orders" page at the "Active orders" field with status "Files in ftp". Choose "Start the order" to process the files.
What is a clipping path?
A clipping path is a hand-drawn path created with Photoshop's Pen tool. If a clipping path is created, everything inside the path is opaque, and everything outside the path is transparent.
What is image masking?
With image masking, you can create a separate alpha channel to control the blurriness of an object or isolate it from the rest of your image. This applies especially if the edges are not well defined or are complicated. The alpha mask allows you to easily select and edit the mask with image editing software, for example by switching the background image for another.
When to choose a clipping path and when masking?

Clipping path is a hand made path created with Photoshop's Pen tool. If a clipping path is created, everything inside the path is opaque and everything outside the path, however, is transparent.

Example of a hand made clipping path:

Example of a hand made clipping path

Please note that if you create a clipping path with Photoshop´s magic wand or any other similar tool, the path can easily be a) inaccurate or b) so complicated that it could slow down or even jam the postscript printers in use. So professional clipping paths should always be hand made!

Masks can also be used in case you wish to isolate a portion of an image from the rest of a photo. This goes especially if the edges are not well defined or are very complicated (as hair on our example). Masked images are delivered as TIF or PSD files, mask in turn stored as a separate alpha channel.

Example of masking:

Example of masked image

…and clipped and masked example next to each other:

Mask in Alpha channel

Completed orders
You will be informed about your completed orders by e-mail, and you can download the finished files from our server.
Downloading finished images
We offer two options for downloading: you can download all pictures in a single compressed file, or download all pictures separately. Detailed instructions are available on the download page.
Using the clipping path

You can access the built clipping paths in Photoshop from Window -> Paths tab.

If the path has been activated as "Clipping Path", the background will be automatically transparent in graphical industry and printing house processing.

If you on the other hand wish to edit or delete the background yourself, you can make a selection out of it. In this example, we have turned the path into selection, then "Inversed" it and simply deleted the background.

If you save or export this image in PNG format, you can place it to web pages or PowerPoint presentations with transparent background.

Storing completed orders on the server
The files will be available on the server for thirty days from their completion date, after which they will be deleted automatically! For this reason we recommend that you download the files as soon as possible.
Payment methods

You may apply for credit on your user account, which means you will be invoiced once or twice a month. The applicable term of payment is 14 days.

You can pay also with credit card or PayPal – in this case when the order is confirmed, a respective provision is made on your credit card or PayPal account. The charge will be executed only after successful completion of the work!